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Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, generally appear in the mouth cavity closer to the age of twenty, but they can never start cutting or may appear much later.

In some cases wisdom teeth don’t cause any inconvenience and require the same care and observation as the other teeth, but more often than not third molars cause health problems in the mouth cavity due to the lack of space in the jaw.

The most common problems connected with wisdom teeth are:

  • a malposed wisdom tooth can cause food compaction, inadequate hygiene, and caries development in the wisdom tooth itself or in the adjacent tooth;
  • a wisdom tooth can lead to the overcrowding (congestion) of the other teeth in the jaw;
  • a partially erupted tooth lets the microorganisms from the mouth cavity get under the gum, which initiates inflammation and can be quite dangerous if the infection spreads to the surrounding soft tissues;
  • a malposed wisdom tooth can damage the root of the adjacent molar;
  • a non-erupted third molar can provoke the jaw cyst development.

When is wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

  • if the wisdom tooth tooth causes pain or inflammation;
  • if the wisdom tooth can damage the adjacent tooth;
  • if the wisdom tooth causes a cyst development;
  • in case of orthodontic treatment;
  • if there is a carious cavity in the wisdom tooth and there are obstacles to its treatment.

How easy is the procedure?

The degree of difficulty or simplicity of wisdom tooth extraction depends on its position, on the degree of its eruption (full or partial), on the peculiarities of the bone tissue and the proximity of the tooth to important structures, such as the sinus or inferior alveolar nerve canal.

In our clinic we use special equipment and instrumentation (for instance, piezosurgical instruments, a microscope, specially produced appliances) to make wisdom tooth extraction less traumatic and most comfortable.

How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost?

The price starts at 1,800 roubles and depends on the peculiarities of the tooth position.

Khitrin, Maxim Iosifovich
Dental surgeon, implant surgeon