To the doctor

Our clinic is a member of the project of individual implant training from AlphaBio tec. Every doctor who wants to start dental implantation or raise the level of skill can use this program.

Variants of organization

  1. Do you work or plan to work with AlphaBio tec products?Do you want to get new knowledge, check the progress of your thoughts, understand the issues that concern you?

    You can count on sincere dialogue, theoretical and practical work within one to three days.

    On organizational issues, you need to contact the regional representative of AlphaBio tec – the company SiTiDent (manager of the direction Goreva Julia, phone +7 (831) 2808424).

  2. You do not work with Alpha Bio Tec products yet. You can contact the regional representative of Alpha Bio Tec – the company SiTiDent (Goreva Julia, phone +7 (831) 280-84-24) or directly to me by phone +7 (831) 434-14-16, in this case the conditions for your participation in the program will be discussed individually.
  3. You are a patient and you are planning a dental treatment using implants. If your situation is of academic interest, you can receive a substantial discount on treatment in exchange for demonstrating your clinical case to other doctors within the framework of the Share the knowledge programs.
    Share the knowledge is the educational program of Alpha Bio Tec (Alfa Bio Tek). The question of participation in the program as a patient can be resolved only on the basis of a consultation and, possibly, an additional survey. Registration for the consultation is carried out by phone +7 (831) 434-14-16. When recording, it is necessary to indicate the desire to participate in the program, consultations are held without payment at a strictly stipulated time.