603006 Nizhny Novgorod, 40 Volodarsky st., room P.8
Opening hours: 08:00 to 20:00.
Saturday, Sunday by appointment.

About clinic

The work of a dentist is based on the individual approach to the patient, as treating a person must not be taken to the assembly line. It was for this reason that in February 2017 the private clinic “Dr Khitrin and Colleagues” was opened.

In our clinic there is a team of real professionals where everyone performs his or her own role, but has no purpose other than curing the patient. Our proficiency has been gained by years of joint practice, which is extremely important for consistent treatment and a good result. Each of our doctors has, on average, 15 years of clinical practice and a well-established reputation of a competent and highly qualified specialist.

Our specialists deal with all kinds of dental health issues: they ensure high value clinical diagnostics, treat and extract teeth, treat gum diseases, correct the occlusion of teeth. But our specialist area is implant dentistry, bone augmentation, and difficult cases of dental treatment. In our clinic we use a technology which enables us to make the most complicated implantation procedure as gentle as possible.

For more than 15 years our doctors have collaborated with one of the major implant designers and manufacturers – an Israeli company ‘Alpha Bio’. The company belongs to the conglomerate company ‘Nobel Biocare’, the importance of which can be compared to that of ‘Siemens’ in the sphere of comsumer electronics or to that of BMW in the car industry.

Our specialists take part in a number of seminars and conferences, attend profession-oriented exhibitions, which enables them to use all innovative ideas and achivements in the sphere of medicine in their work and successfully cope with the most complicated cases of dental treatment and dental surgery.

Our clinic houses the only ‘Alpha Bio’ implant dentistry training centre in our region. As a doctor, I feel especially proud of being recognized as an expert by the ‘Alpha Bio’ company.

In our clinic we do everything we can to ensure the patients’ comfort. The clinic is easy to find – it is located in the city centre. As well as everywhere, you could have parking problems in the rush hour, but if you call our receptionists, they will be happy to give you a tip where to park your car. We will make you a cup of coffee or tea and will offer a good book to read – we have a little library of classic books here. But most important is that the treatment in our clinic is based on our knowledge, our vast experience and our desire to help you. That is why we have a lot of regular clients.

We will be very happy to see you in our clinic!

Yours faithfully,

Head Doctor, Maxim Iosifovich Khitrin