Predictability of the treatment.

Predictability of treatment …

Quite a vague concept? Only at first. If you think about it, every patient who is thoughtful and serious about his own health can first assess the quality of future treatment.

Many believe that with the same result, you can cure your teeth in the clinic next door to the house, and in an expensive private clinic. Of course. Because everything depends not on the clinic, but on the doctor. You need to choose not the clinic, but the one who will treat your teeth. Orientation is not on the location of the clinic, the cost of treatment and texts on the site, and on the qualification of the doctor.

A good doctor has 10-15 years of clinical experience. About the fact that he is constantly learning – and this is extremely important! – Certificates on the walls of the clinic will testify. There is not a single doctor to hide it on the table, so if they are not there is evidence of not modesty, but stagnation of the doctor. Recognition by the professional community is also in favor of the doctor, and in yours, respectively. As elsewhere, dentistry has its own standards. Treatment can not be chaotic, a treatment plan must be drawn up, which must be prescribed and understood by the patient. But medicine, in addition to instructions and standards, relies heavily on practical experience and intuition.

You need to be treated by professionals. Like everything else – to teach children, repair cars, build houses … Only in this case the result will be more likely to be predictable. And if something goes wrong, only a true professional will notice in time, prevent or eliminate the consequences and achieve the desired result. Yes, often for professionalism you have to pay a little more. But with money, not with health and lost time.